Models of the «Ingenieur» line

by the International Watch Company, Schaffhausen

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The story of IWC's famous Ingenieur line has been told many times. The purpose of this site is to complement the existing articles by listing all Ingenieur references ever produced by IWC. This may help the collectors to find their way through the bewildering variety of Ingenieur models which were manufactured at Schaffhausen during the last fifty years. Even if my goal was to be complete, I'm only too aware of the fact that I fell quite short of this aim. All users are therfore invited to report any error or omission to As you may imagine, even the current version never had been realized if it wasn't for the help and advice of many friends and fellow collectors. Among the many who deserve credit I only mention David TerMolen, Larry Seiden, Christian Niemann from IWC, Michael Friedberg, Greg Steer und an especially the suberb Albert Tanner.

Please be aware that the currently published site is only provisory. In celebration of the Ingenieur's rebirth a more comprehensive version is going to be activated by the end of this month. In addition to the below overview it will include smaller and therefore faster lists of individual subranges, a printable pdf-file and an excel sheet with pricing information.

Marco Schönenberger, Adliswil, February 8th 2005

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