Models of the «Ingenieur» line

by the International Watch Company, Schaffhausen

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by reference number by model range in roughly chronological order
all Ingenieur models 1954/55-1966/67: The 1st Ingenieur generation (ref. 666 family)
1967-1975: The 2nd Ingenieur generation (ref. 866/1808 family)
1976-1984/85: The «Jumbo» Ingenieur SL
1980-1989: The « Lady» Ingenieur SL
1981-1989: The «Skinny» Ingenieur SL»
1982-1997: The « Ingenieur SL Pocket Watch »
1985-1989: The Ingenieur « in Titanium and 18 ct. Yellow Gold»
1985-1992: The Ingenieur Perpetual
1988-1992: The Ingenieur Chronograph
1989-1992/93: The Ingenieur «500,000 A/m»
1991-1997: The Ingenieur «Chrono Alarm»
download Excel sheet (Macintosh) with price information 1992-2001: The Ingenieur «Officially Certified Chronometer»
download Excel sheet (Windows) with price information 2005-...: The Ingenieur Automatic
download printable pdf-file Special editions and unidentified models

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