DateYourIWC is a utility which lets you derive date of origin and some additional production information about watches produced by the International Watch Company, Schaffhausen (IWC) from their movement and/or case number.
The availability of source information dictates that the application works best with vintage models produced prior to 1975. The later the period, the scarcer and more circumstantial the evidence becomes. Even at its best, DateYourIWC can only offer you tentative results. If you need a truly reliable dating of your IWC timekeeper, there's no way around ordering an official (and quite expensive) certificate from IWC.

You can choose between three different formats of DateYourIWC:

  • Standalone as an normal application installed and running on your desktop computer
  • Online as a web application which uses an internet connection to adhoc download HTML5/Java Script compliant code to your computer and then runs in a window of your browser
  • Applet as a true internet application running on web server where all you need are an active internet connection and a compatible browser

The current version 2.10 is a pure maintenance release and offers neither new functionality nor additional data. It's purpose is to maintain compatibility with the latest Windows and MacOS operating systems and to provide support for the HTML5 based Online edition. For this, the code has been streamlined to allow easier cross-platform deployment and then compiled with the latest version of the LiveCode compiler (9.5). In addition, the help code has been reviewed and some bugs fixed (with – I'm sure – some new introduced).
Note that while former versions were all generated using an commercial version and therefore code protected, version 2.1 is the first editon built and deployed using the open source/MIT license of the LiveCode platform. Its code ist therefore open source and not protected

Prior to using DateYourIWC I strongly recommend that you read the helpfile that comes integrated into the Standalone or Online version of the program.

Standalone is the classic version of DateYourIWC offering all the functionalities of the tool. It is available for Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit) and MacOS (64bit). Prior usage you have to download the application, unzip it and then install it in the program folder of your computer.

Pros: well-tried and rather reliable, once installed it works independently from any internet connection
Cons: Needs to be installed on your computer and updated from time to time to keep compatibility with your Windows or MacO Operating system. Not available for mobille devices.

To download DYIWC standalone click on one of the below links:

Windows 10 version 2.1 (32-bit)
Windows 10 version 2.1 (64-bit)
MacOS version 2.1 (64-bit)

The Online edition of DateYourIWC provides basically the same information as the classic standalone program, but runs in a window of your browser as a kind of HTML5/Java Script application. After calling the below link the colde will automatically download to your device and be discarded once the session has been closed.
Note that usage on a mobile phone is theoretically possible, but not recommended due to rather limited user experience.

Officially supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Pros: application is always up-to-date; runs on all operating systems or mobile devices which have one of the above browsers installed (though not recommended for phones)
Cons: requires active internet connection, each session will download 3 to 10 MB and may be therefore be charged depending on your internet/mobile contract; limited user experience; export and in-app printing support not available

Click on this link to access DateYourIWC Online

The DateYourIWC Applet is a true and very lineweb application. All code is executed on the web server and only the results are transferred to your browser. This comes however at a price, for just the basic "dating" functionality is available in this version.

Pros: data is always up-to-date, works on all devices which have internet access, i.e. also on most mobiles, very lean, i.e. not much date transfer and therefore suited for mobile data access with restricted data volume
Cons: requires active internet connections, limited functionality

To access and test DateYourIWC applet click on one of the below links:
Standard page
Mobile page

Version history (archive):
  • v1.0 released 2002: initial release for Macintosh and Windows computer
  • v1.01 released 2003: Minor bug fixes
  • v1.02 released 2005: Update for Macintosh OSX 10.3
  • v1.03 released 2006: Update for Macintosh OSX 10.5 and minor bug fixes
  • v1.04 released 2009: Update for Macintosh OSX 10.6 and Windows Vista
  • v2.0 released March 2010, code integration for DYIWC online and DYIWC standalone, extended case dating to 2010
  • v2.02 Aug 2019: DateYourIWC Online and DateYourIWC Applet officially decommissioned, broken links for Windows Standalone fixed
  • v2.03 released Sept 2019: DateYourIWC Applet updated and fixed (upgraded to
  • v2.1 released Oct. 2019: Update for 64bit MacOS and Windows 10 support plus HTML5 version, bug fixes

Older Standalone-Versions

Windows version 2.0

Mac OSX version 2.0 Unicode (larger)

Mac OSX version 2.0 Intel processor (smaller)

Mac OSX version 2.0 PPC processor (smaller)

version 1.04 for WINDOWS (1.5 MB ZIP-file))

version 1.04 for MACINTOSH OS X (2.6 MB ZIP-file)

version 1.01 for MACINTOSH OS Classic (1.7 MB Stuff-It archive)


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