DateYourIWC is a utility which let you derive date of origin and some other production information from the movement and/or case number of watches produced by the International Watch Company, Schaffhausen (IWC).
The availability of sources dictates that the application works best with vintage watches produced prior to 1975. The later the period, the scarcer and more circumstantial the evidence becomes. Even at its best, DateYourIWC can only offer you tentative results. If you need a truly reliable dating of your IWC timekeeper, there's no other way than to order an archive extract from IWC.

You can choose between three different formats of DateYourIWC:
  • Standalone as an application running on your desktop computer
  • Online as a web application running in a window of your browser using a web plug-in and an internet connection
  • Applet as a true internet application where all you need is a browser and an internet connection

Prior to using DateYourIWC I strongly recommend that you read the helpfile that integrated into the Standalone or Online version of the program.

Standalone is the classic version of DateYourIWC offering all the functionalities of the tool. You have to download the application and install it on your computer.

Pros: well-tried and reliable, once installed it works independently from any internet connection
Cons: Windows or MacOS X needed, data is not automatically updated; resides on you computer, hence may not be available when needed on a shopping tour or trip

To download DYIWC standalone click on one of the below links:

Windows version 2.0
Mac OSX version 2.0 Unicode (larger)
Mac OSX version 2.0 Intel processor (smaller)
Mac OSX version 2.0 PPC processor (smaller)

The Online edition of DateYourIWC uses the same code as the classic standalone program. In this case however, all the data and most of the logic resides on the web server. You run DateYourIWC Online in a window of your browser using a special web plug-in made by RunRev (similar to a Flash plug-in). While this approach poses some limitations (e.g. you cannot open multiple windows at the same time), all important functionalities are still there.

Note: When first using DateYourIWC online, you will be asked to download and install the Revweb plug-in. Please follow instructions given during the installation.

Pros: data is always up-to-date; application runs on all computers having installed the Revweb plug-in
Cons: requires installation of Revweb plug-in and active internet connection, not as stable as the classic version, works only on Mac and Windows computers, does not work with Google Chrome browser

Click on this link to access DateYourIWC Online

The DateYourIWC Applet is a true internet application, i.e. all the code is executed on the web server and only the results are transferred to your browser. This comes however at a price, for just the basic "dating" functionality is available in this version.

Pros: data is always up-to-date, works on all devices which have internet access, i.e. also on most mobiles
Cons: requires active internet connections, limited functionality

To access and test DateYourIWC applet click on one of the below links:
Standard page
Mobile page

Version history:
  • v1.0 released 2002: initial release for Macintosh and Windows computer
  • v1.01 released 2003: Minor bug fixes
  • v1.02 released 2005: Update for Macintosh OSX 10.3
  • v1.03 released 2006: Update for Macintosh OSX 10.5 and minor bug fixes
  • v1.04 released 2009: Update for Macintosh OSX 10.6 and Windows Vista
  • v2.0 released March 2010, code integration for DYIWC online and DYIWC standalone, extended of case dating up to 2010

Older Standalone-Versions

version 1.04 for WINDOWS (1.5 MB ZIP-file))

version 1.04 for MACINTOSH OS X (2.6 MB ZIP-file)

version 1.01 for MACINTOSH OS Classic (1.7 MB Stuff-It archive)


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